The Bivin Garden

The Bivin Garden is a botanic garden in northern Osage County.  The Bivin Garden blooms from a love story seeded in Osage County soil long ago and is still growing near Shidler.   

Driving through the rolling prairie of Osage County, it would be fair to say one doesn’t readily imagine this to be the setting for a beautiful botanic garden; but, thanks to a devoted couple, it is just that.  It was Ray and Mollie Bivin whose romance blossomed, you might say, into a beautiful botanic garden as a testament of their love.

Located just west of Shidler is a six-acre botanic garden that is home to a wide variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, ponds, pathways, and arbors accented by amazing rocks and boulders from around the world. 

From another era, seeds still bloom in the garden planted by this couple at The Bivin Garden in Shidler, Osage County, Oklahoma.


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