Fairfax, Oklahoma – Osage County

Fairfax, Oklahoma in Osage County has a history that is told on the pages of David Grann’s, Killers of the Flower Moon. Since the days when oil first gushed to the surface, the western edge of Osage County has been known for its beauty, its history, and its still-uncovered mysteries of an era when the Osage people were the wealthiest people in the United States per capita.

Also, situated right in the heart of some of the best ranching country in America, if the Arkansas River or the Postoaks could talk – oh what tales they could tell of days gone by. From the Tallchief sisters becoming prima ballerinas, back to the beginnings of the FBI – there is a song that echoes across the pastures and down the river banks. It’s the song the cowboys used to sing along the cattle drives combined with the song the Osage would sing on the Reservation mixed with the whistle of the pump jacks on the prairie.

Come explore the past and enjoy the present out on the Ben Ranch where you can kick back or kayak — or just relax out at the HaT Ranch Lodge and count cattle from the front porch! Either place you choose, maybe you’ll hear the melody and tap a foot to the rhythm that has been beckoning folks to the Osage for years.

Located just twenty minutes from Pawhuska or Ponca City.


242 N Main St, Fairfax, Oklahoma 74637


(918) 906-8108

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