Supernaw’s Oklahoma Indian Supply

Supernaw’s Oklahoma Indian Supply store is located on Rogers Boulevard in Skiatook, Oklahoma, the Music Capital of Osage County.

In addition, Supernaw’s is a Native American, owned-and-operated business since 1969. Supernaw’s specializes in seed beads, cut beads, beading supplies, leather, silver jewelry, and Native American items.

Further, their jewelry is original and known for its quality and beauty. If you are looking for silver, if you are looking for turquoise, you will find both at Supernaw’s in Skiatook, just a few blocks east of Osage County, Oklahoma – where #TheSmilesAreAlwaysFree!


213 East W. C. Rogers Blvd Skiatook, Oklahoma 74070-1221


(918) 396-1713