Solid Rock Soap Company

We are a family of 7 who adore being in the country and living this crazy farm life.  We began with a beautiful herd of dairy goats ( and tons of chickens and 3 very lovable turkeys- another story completely) and no real idea what would become of their milk other than food for our family of growing kiddos. Our family has always embraced a more natural and holistic lifestyle. The less chemicals in our food, on our animals, and on our bodies the better. I have always been passionate about this. Fast forward to soap… we began to research Goat Milk Soap and all its benefits. I was hooked!!!!! This passion to provide my family with the absolutely best handcrafted soap to nourish our bodies instead of harming them with chemicals has gone from a small spark to a flame to provide the same quality to all of you. We will vow to always passionately strive to provide you with the quality and purity we desire for our family.


15707 Horizon Cir, Skiatook, OK 74070


(918) 899-2730