Osage Outfitters

Osage Outfitters is located at the head of the fashion runway in Osage County on the south end of Kihekah Ave., right across the street from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile.  Step through their doors for “Osagin’ It” style for the cattle baron and his bride – or – the cow puncher and his sweetheart!  Callie Lee has been taking western to another level with her own Pawhuskan flair and this may be one reason why the women just seem to get prettier the longer they are in the Osage!  Her husband, Joey has a friendly grin & good bit of wit can usually be found gathered around his hat bar – where legends are made as creases are laid.  You’ll find more than Sunday Britches at Osage Outfitters.


519 Kihekah Ave, Pawhuska, OK 74056



The Hat Bar at Osage Outfitters.

Osagin’ It style with Pawhuskan Flair!