Kaw Wildlife Management Area

Kaw WMA covers 16,254 acres adjoining the upper two thirds of Kaw Lake in eastern Kay County in north central Oklahoma. Located just four and one half miles east of Newkirk , Oklahoma, Kaw WMA is a mixture of upland and bottomland forest, tallgrass prairie, old fields, and cropland. An eastern portion of the area is located in Osage County. Bluestem grasses and post oak- blackjack forests are predominate on upland sites, which are interspersed with sand plum thickets and agricultural fields. Bottom land forests consist of burr oak, hackberry, sycamore, sand plum and other species. The average annual precipitation for the area is 30 inches per year. White-tailed deer and turkey are abundant and highly sought after. For information about other game species of interest, visit the Oklahoma Wildlife Management website.


Newkirk, OK 74647