Woolaroc - 33rd Annual Southwestern Rendezvous

Woolaroc - 33rd Annual Southwestern Rendezvous 1925 Woolaroc Ranch RoadBartlesville, OK 74003 Area: Bartlesville Mar 15 - Mar 25: -
This event is attended by reenactors of an annual gathering of trappers/mountain men. Regular visitors to Woolaroc can visit the event at no additional cost, March 15 - 25.
According to the websitehttp://www.talking-bear.com/, Rendezvous events began in the 1800's as an opportunity for people to come together to buy and sell trappers' furs and supplies for another year of trapping. This event provided an opportunity for trappers/mountain men, weary of their harsh and sometimes lonely life, to meet with old friends, enjoy the companionship of women, drink cheap, watered-down whiskey, and participate in contests of skill.
The Talking Bear website states that the final rendezvous was held in 1840: "Several things led to it's demise. By that time, the beaver population was mostly trapped out. With less available beaver pelts available per trapper, there was less money available per trapper after the sale of his pelts at a rendezvous.  The high prices charged for goods at a rendezvous combined with less money for fewer pelts sold at a rendezvous brought an end to the rendezvous system due to simple economics.  Also, the demand for beaver pelts diminished when a more fashionable and cheaper alternative came into popular use: Silk. Contrary to popular belief, trapping did not cease in 1840.  The fur trade business continued through 1860 at numerous trading posts."
Visitors at Woolaroc's during Rendezvous  have a chance to glimpse the lives of mountain men/trappers circa early 1800's in America.
For more information, call Woolaroc at 918-336-0307 or visit their website at:  http://woolaroc.org/
Photo Courtesy of Roseanne McKee