Boy Scouts Camporee 110th Boy Scout Anniversary

Boy Scouts Camporee 110th Boy Scout Anniversary Camp McClintock216 County Road 2427Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003 Area: Pawhuska Sep 27 - Sep 28: 8 am - 10 pm
Bringing it all back home to the soil where it all started --- The Boy Scouts of America will be hosting the 110th anniversary of the very first American Boy Scout Troop which began in Pawhuska in Osage County, Oklahoma!  Camporee will take place from September 27 - 29th in Pawhuska and out at Camp McClintock!  
Saturday morning, Septemeber 28th at 10 am on the streets of Pawhuska will be a commemorative parade celebrating the 110th anniversary.  Everyone is welcome to attend and join in the festivities.  The parade will end on Lynn Avenue at the Osage County Historical Society Museum in front of the Boy Scout bronze statue.  Special speakers will be on hand to commemorate the event.  
Potential scouts and their families are welcome to take part in the festivities all weekend long!!  This is a great opportunity to celebrate the history of scouting in Osage County and to find out more about becoming a scout today.  For more information, contact Philip Wright at 706-728-0755.  To participate in the parade procession, contact Randi Chesbro at 918-287-2626.  
See you at the parade and at Camporee!!