Much of the rich history and culture in Osage County is credited to the Osage Nation, which relocated here in 1872.  The American Dream began in this part of the country for oil barons such as Frank Phillips and E. W. Marland, who gathered around the Million Dollar Elm in Pawhuska to bid on oil leases to make their fortunes. Today oilmen continue this legacy, pumping oil throughout Osage County.

Although large, Osage County is easy to get around in. Highway 60, running the width of the county east to west, is now the Osage Indian Heritage Byway - Oklahoma's newest Scenic Byway! Highway 11 between Barnsdall and Skiatook is a beautiful drive, especially early or late in the day. County roads, even the gravel ones, are reasonably well kept and marked. It takes about an hour and a half to traverse the county north/south or east/west, so you can see a lot in a day. This section lists our region's natural and man-made attractions, many of which you can enjoy "in a day's ride."